Friday, January 13, 2006

Kids these days

They start so young.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Those are big

Sorry, this is just funny

My governor said, "My favorite body part: the ass"

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this this short travel log of the night life of Rio de Janeiro during the annual Carnival. Arnold spends some time ogling and groping beautiful models in the Club Oba Oba, as well as uncomfortably sucking carrots with a woman at a local restaurant.The Boondocks by Aaron McGruder
Arnold gropes British talk show host Denise Van Outen on the channel 4 program Big Breakfast, viewed by millions of Brits. Van Outen, who interviews her subjects on a bed, was apparently surprised, but not adverse to Schwarzenegger's antics, but Big Screen talk host Anna Richardson was not so congenial. Upon being repeatedly fondled by the Schwarzenegger without cameras running, later told the Star "I wanted to say, 'You dirty bastard'. But you can't tell a powerful man like him to fuck off. He kept saying how fantastic I looked and staring at my [breasts]." At the end of the interview, claims Richardson, "He pulled me onto his knee, saying 'I really want to know if your breasts are real.'" She says she stood up then and told him "You’re making me nervous." But Schwarzenegger told her to relax and pulled her back on his knee, finally he let her up, and "patted my bum as I went off."

How can you not love Arnold Schwarzenegger?